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All Lights Electrical Blog

Avoid Electrical Shock Around The Home

by Charles on 02/13/16

Even doing minor electrical work around the home can subject homeowners to potential shock. This is an important consideration because shocks can not only cause injury but they can also be life-threatening. One of the best ways to avoid getting shocked around your home is to always exercise extreme caution when working with electricity. That said any time you are not certain about a particular electrical situation in your home it is always best to call in a professional corona electrician. Experienced, knowledgeable and skilled electricians in Corona know how to handle electrical circuits and wiring in a safe and secure manner. Even something as simple as hanging a ceiling fan could present potential hazards. Contact today to learn more about electricians in Corona that routinely work with electricity in homes and businesses.

Never Use A Danaged Extension Cord

by Charles on 01/30/16

Being a conscientious, safe and responsible homeowner sometimes means being very careful when it comes to extension cords. Expert electricians and technicians always advised that any time an extension cord is damaged, defective or malfunctioning in some way it is best to simply discard the cord and buy a new one. Electricians in Riverside, Corona and other parts of Southern California with all likely agree that this is always the best option. In fact, spending a few dollars on a new extension cord as a way to avoid shock or injury is a smart and sensible thing to do. Countless injuries and visits to the emergency room happen each and every year because of electrical shock. Play it safe and always discard an electrical extension cord that is damaged or not functioning properly. Contact All Lights Electrical today for the best in Corona electrical services for homes and businesses.

Call An Electrician Any Time You Are Not Sure

by Charles on 12/01/15

This is standard advice that every homeowner should consider. In fact, any time there is an electrical issue or problem around your home it is always best to call in a professional. Too many people over the years have become injured or hurt because of electricity. Electricians who are professionals and have years of experience in the industry can fix your electrical problems in the right way without causing injury or damage to your home. While many homeowners sometimes choose to try to do repairs on their own, this is often only resulted in damage or injury. Play it safe and be smart and always call a professional electrician anytime your home experiences electrical problems. Contact  today to learn more.

Electrical Safety For Homeowners

by Charles on 08/18/15

Staying safe as a homeowner often includes making the right choices when it comes to handling electricity around the home. For example, one of the easiest ways to start an electrical fire or cause a short is to overload a plug outlet. When too many items are plugged into one outlet it can easily overload the outlet and cause a malfunction. This is typically seen when people choose to use surge protector strips. Plugging in an excessive number of items is always a poor choice. A better option is to simply spread electrical appliances and other powered items among various outlets around the home. This is a simple way to avoid a fire or even a potential electric shock. Another important aspect of good home electrical safety precautions is to block all electrical outlets when small children are in the home. Inexpensive plastic plugs can be purchased and easily installed to protect children from a potential electrical shock. Contact All Lights Electrical today for experienced and knowledgeable Rancho Cucamonga ca electrical contractor services.

Choosing The Right Riverside Electricians

by Charles on 05/21/15

Today more than ever before it is important to known where to find the best Riverside Electricians. In fact, waiting until there is an electrical problem at home is usually the wrong time to start looking for electricians in Riverside California. Establish a long-term professional relationship with a local electrical professional at an early stage so you have someone to call if ever there is a problem with your home circuits. Best of all, when you already have someone in mind you will likely save money, time and trouble in the long run. 

All Lights Electrical Services is a trusted and respected name in a wide array of residential home electrician services. We get to the very core of the wiring or component problem that a homeowner may be experiencing to ensure a complete fix every time. Never accept second best when when having your home's electrical system repaired, replaced or inspected. Contact All Lights Electrical Services today when searching for the best in licensed, bonded and insured Riverside California electricians

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