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Never Use A Danaged Extension Cord

by Charles on 01/30/16

Being a conscientious, safe and responsible homeowner sometimes means being very careful when it comes to extension cords. Expert electricians and technicians always advised that any time an extension cord is damaged, defective or malfunctioning in some way it is best to simply discard the cord and buy a new one. Electricians in Riverside, Corona and other parts of Southern California with all likely agree that this is always the best option. In fact, spending a few dollars on a new extension cord as a way to avoid shock or injury is a smart and sensible thing to do. Countless injuries and visits to the emergency room happen each and every year because of electrical shock. Play it safe and always discard an electrical extension cord that is damaged or not functioning properly. Contact All Lights Electrical today for the best in Corona electrical services for homes and businesses.

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